This Cuddly Cat Was Abandoned Four Times Untill Her Found His Forever Home

James Bean, a stunning black and white tuxedo cat with enormous green eyes, is only looking for someone to love and take care of him. Sadly, while he is now a very content and adored cat, that was not always the case.

He was adopted and given back to the shelter four times by the people who took him in. They didn’t want him anymore because his affection was considered ‘too much’ and ‘too demanding’. We don’t understand the reason why these people could commit to owning an animal and then return it because their love was too much for them.

Thankfully, after long days of waiting and looking for a perfect home, James Bean was adopted and found a new forever home.

At first, he didn’t like his house because he was frightened from all the times he’d been abandoned by previous owners. But thankfully, everything was going well.

He was immediately in love with him and decided to bring him home. He reasoned that Bean may have severe separation anxiety if he was sent back to the shelter repeatedly. He and his family are thus working with a behaviorist to assist Bean in resolving this problem.

It didn’t take long for James Bean to trust and love his new human father. He has been in his forever home for two years and he is spoiled beyond belief.

His parents are so glad he came into their life and brought joy to them. We are happy he’s finally able to get a home, where he’s thrived and his love is accepted and returned fully.\]


After all, James Bean, the unfortunate cat, receives the love and care he deserves. If you enjoyed reading this, please spread the word to your friends and family so they may learn more about adopting animals

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