4 Teen Boys Found D.e.a.d after Going on a Camping Trip: ‘I Feel like I’m in a Nightmare’

When four young men set out on a camping trip in Snowdonia, North Wales, all they expected was to have a few laughs with good friends. However, it turned out differently.

Jevon Hirst, Harvey Owen, Wilf Henderson, and Hugo Morris set out on a camping trip this past weekend, but it quickly turned into something that none of the young men ever wanted to happen.

Yesterday, police, who have been involved since Sunday, made a discovery that would forever change the lives of those around the young men. It has left their families distraught.

On Sunday morning, the boys spoke to their families and bid farewells as they continued on their camping trip. However, their families knew something had gone wrong when they didn’t hear from the boys for a while.

What Happened on the Camping Trip?
The boys were reported missing after nobody had heard from them for hours. Their families began to worry about their well-being, and the police soon got involved.

A massive search effort ensued, consisting of helicopters, the Coast Guard, and mountain rescue teams. Forty-eight hours after the boys were reported missing, authorities finally found them. However, all was not well.

North Wales police confirmed yesterday that they had found an overturned car slightly submerged in water. Inside the car lay the bodies of the four boys, all sadly deceased. A member of the force shared:

“At present, this appears to have been a tragic accident, and our thoughts are with the family and friends of the four young men at this very difficult time.”

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