Little is known about the love story between Princess Kate and Prince William

Prince William and Princess Kate first met at St Andrews School in September 2001, when both were studying history. And in 2002, Prince William noticed Kate before she participated in a charity fashion show in March of the same year. At that time, Prince William spent $360 to be able to sit front row seats, watching the girl of my dreams.
The love story between Prince William and Princess Kate has been blossoming since 2002.
However, at that time, Kate was in love with another guy at the same school and the love story between the two only really started when Kate broke up with her ex. And to have a happy and fulfilling life like today, their love has overcome all the ups and downs and anger of youth.
They have exchanged feelings since 2002, but it was not until April 2004 that the first photo of the couple was published. And 4 months later, it was confirmed that Prince William was in a serious relationship with the beautiful commoner Kate Middleton.
In June 2005, William and Kate took intimate photos on their graduation day from St Andrews School in Scotland. At this time, many speculations about their relationship appeared. However, before that, at the wedding of Prince William’s father, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, Kate was not invited to attend.

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