Meghan Markle Flaunts a Backless Dress at Dinner While Staying in a Luxury Resort with Prince Harry: Details & Pics

At a charity dinner in Florida, Meghan Markle made a striking appearance in a bold outfit, alongside Prince Harry. The event, part of their luxurious weekend getaway, gathered the couple and other guests for a good cause.

Meghan turned heads in a chic black dress, captured in photos by attendees Delfina Blaquier and Ignacio Figueras. The dinner honored the Sentebale charity, co-founded by Prince Harry and Prince Seeiso in 2006.

Hosted at the Four Seasons resort, known for its opulent $8,000-per-night suites and impeccable service, the event boasted oceanfront views and direct beach access. Guests enjoyed dining at two restaurants and sipping cocktails at Florie’s bar, known for its garden-fresh ingredients.

The Sea Breeze Suite, the resort’s most coveted, offered a coastal lifestyle experience with refreshing sea breezes.

During their stay, Prince Harry and Meghan were spotted casually strolling through the pool area. Their weekend also included work, as Prince Harry was seen busy on the set of their upcoming Netflix project, with Meghan later joining him.

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