My Boyfriend Secretly Has Weekly Lunch with My Grandma and I Can’t Stop Crying after Learning the Reason

When Bree discovers her boyfriend Noah’s secret weekly lunches with her grandmother, the truth behind their meetings reveals a touching bond that reshapes her understanding of love and family. Will this unexpected relationship bring them closer or unravel her ties with the two most important people in her life?

I’ve always believed life has a way of balancing things out. Sure, life has thrown heavy stuff my way, but somehow, things always balance out. I’m Bree, and I’m 20. Looking back, I’ve been through a lot, but I’ve also been blessed with some incredible people.

Growing up, I was the apple of my parents’ eye. Being an only child, I got all the love and attention you could imagine. My parents made sure I had the best of everything: the best schools, the most amazing birthday parties, and friends who were like extended family.

Every night, my dad would tuck me in and tell me stories of his childhood adventures, and my mom never let a day pass without telling me how much I meant to them.

But when I was ten, my whole world flipped upside down. I remember that day like it was yesterday. My parents were heading out to a family gathering in another city and I was staying with my grandma. They hugged me tighter than usual before they left.

Later that evening, while I was playing checkers with Gran, we got the devastating news of a horrible accident. A truck had lost control and crashed into my parents’ car on the highway. They didn’t make it.

Losing them was like losing a part of myself. But Gran and Grandpa stepped right into those gaping roles my parents left behind. They never let me feel alone.

Gran would read to me every night, stories that made the corners of the world seem a touch closer. Grandpa would take me to theme parks, pushing me on the swings higher and higher, as if he could lift me away from my sorrows.

Their gifts were always so thoughtful! But nothing compared to their love and warmth. I cherished those moments, those simple, quiet days with them. They were my fortress, shielding me from feeling the full weight of my parents’ absence. With Gran and Grandpa around, life felt whole again, even with its scars.

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