‘Why Did You Give Birth to Me?’ Boy Is Ashamed of Old Mom Until He Learns He’s Not Her Son

A teenage boy shunned his mom for being old, one day asking why she gave birth to him. After she ended up in the hospital after a fight of theirs, he discovers she didn’t actually give birth to him.

One Saturday, a thirteen-year-old boy named Tim was hanging out with his friends at a local cafe. Tim and his friends would usually spend the entire weekend together, before meeting again the following week while in school.

That day, Tim’s mom Gloria wanted to change up his routine by inviting him to watch a new superhero movie with her. While it wasn’t her interest, she wanted to spend more time with her son and knew that he loved watching superhero movies.

Gloria kept calling Tim on his cellphone, but he wouldn’t pick up. So, she decided to make her way to the cafe, knowing that this was where Tim and his friends usually had lunch on Saturdays.

When she spotted Tim and his friends, she made her way to them, only to see Tim’s friends giggling. “Your grandmother’s come to pick you up, Tim!” they teased.

Tim glared at his mother and walked up to her to stop her from going any closer. “What are you doing here?”! he scolded her. “You’re embarrassing me in front of my friends!”

“Why am I embarrassing you, son?” Gloria asked. “I wanted to ask if you wanted to watch a movie with me. I want to be with you more, son, while I still can,” she smiled, trying to hold his hand.

Tim shrugged off her hand and refused to leave his friends. “Leave me alone, I’m with my friends,” he told her. “Please leave before more people notice you!”

Gloria walked back home sadly, wondering why Tim refused to be near her, especially around his friends. She spent the entire afternoon cooking up Tim’s favorite spaghetti and meatballs recipe, hoping he would make it home in time for dinner.

When he got home that night, it was already half past ten. Tim went straight to his room, not even acknowledging Gloria’s presence in the living room.

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