Wealthy Man Spots Old Cross on Maid’s Neck and Turns Pale from a Sudden Memory – Story of the Day

Elena is a maid in a big mansion. After a couple of unexpected events, the owner and lord of the estate falls in love with her, but what can Elena do when so many obstacles stand in the way of her finding true love?

In the opulent estate of the Agnelli family, the young maid, Elena, served dinner to the young master, Marco, and his fiancée, Rose, under the watchful supervision of the butler, Luca. Elena wanted to make a good impression, but a barking command disrupted her precise movements.

“Fill my glass again! I shouldn’t have to tell you,” Rose snapped, to which Elena apologized and complied.

Elena’s hand shook slightly as she feared another outburst from the master’s fiancée, but she felt someone else’s eyes on her. Marco was staring at her chest, which made her flush. But even worse, Elena wasn’t the only one who noticed.

“What are you looking at her for!” Rose accused, clanking her fork roughly against the mahogany table.

“What are you talking about? I was staring at her cross!” Marco scoffed, shaking his head. Rose wouldn’t let up, accusing him of staring at the maid’s bosom. Finally, he rolled his eyes and left the table.

Once alone, Rose turned her beady, greedy eyes to the maid. “Take it off now!” she ordered.

“I-I can’t. It’s too precious to me,” Elena said, covering it protectively. But Rose’s hands came at her hard and fast, pulling and trying to pry the necklace off. With a pop, the chain broke, making them all gasp, including the usually quiet butler.

They didn’t have time to process much else because Marco’s harsh bellow interrupted the silence. “I’ll never tolerate this kind of behavior. Fortunately, we are not married yet!” he declared, his finger pointed at Rose’s face as he prowled toward her.

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