5 Stories of a Big Inheritance with an Unexpected Twist of Events

Can you imagine expecting a big inheritance and watching it being handed to someone you’ve never met? How about getting something from a total stranger out of the blue? The people below lived this and they’re here to tell their stories!

Inheritances can cause a lot of friction, especially when something is handed to an unexpected person, but the following tales prove that everything happens for a reason, especially in the 5th story. But let Agatha tell you about it!

1. My Employer’s Young Wife Turned Me into a Modern Cinderella, Minus the Nice Dress
Hi there! My name is Becky, and this is what happened a few years ago. Honestly, I don’t know where my family would be if it hadn’t.

I worked as a maid for Mr. Sanders, or as he liked me to call him, Gregory. He was married to Linda, and they were just the nicest couple in the world. They were loaded but didn’t brag about it or acted snobbishly.

They treated me with respect, you know, like a human and all. Sadly, Linda passed away way too soon, and let me tell you, it hit us both hard. Gregory was moping around like a lost puppy, and who could blame him?


Fast-forward some time, and he meets this younger woman, Marissa, at some elegant business meeting with some executives. I clocked her in immediately: she was a full-on gold digger. But she made my boss happy.

Boy, was I wrong! The second Marissa and her grown son, who looked like he could use a good manners class, moved into Gregory’s mansion, things did a 180 faster than a politician switching sides.

They basically turned me into their own personal Cinderella, minus the fairy godmother and the glass slippers. I had a feeling they’d never had a maid or home staff before, but they took advantage ASAP.

It was all “Clean this,” “cook that,” and “don’t you dare walk in on us while we’re counting our stacks of cash!” But fine, I could take all that… until I heard something terrible.

One day, I heard Marissa on the phone, gossiping about Gregory having COVID. My heart jumped into my throat, but then, she was moping about having to cancel some trip.

Here I was worried sick about the man who always treated me right, and all she cared about was how her husband’s sickness messed with her plans!

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