When Sylvia arrived at the church with her wedding dress, her sister and Sylvia were shocked when they had seen the expensive cars at the parking lot. Her sister asked, “Do any of these expensive cars seem familiar to you?”

It was weird because her future husband wasn’t rich, and as far as Sylvia knew, her fiance’s family and friends shouldn’t be that rich to have that many expensive cars.

“Never mind, they must be someone else’s,” Sylvia said to herself. Then her bridesmaids showed up and took her in when her mother called Sylvia.

“Come on, Sylvia,” she said, “It’s time for you to walk down the aisle with your father.”

Sylvia didn’t had seen her grrom, Rob, yet. But when she started to walk down the aisle, she couldn’t recognize Rob, who was waiting at the altar.

The decorations, and everything were incredibly looking expensive. “These must be super expensive. How did Rob afford to get these?” She thought to herself.

Her fiance, Ron, who was working as a janitor was now looking like a millionaire. His groom suit was designer made, and his shoes were incredibly expensive.

A month ago Sylvia was going to the shelter she was volunteering at, with the food she bought. As she dropped the food, on her way back, sho bought some more food to give them to homeless people.

Then she noticed a young man who was working at the yard of a big house in the neighborhood. She thought that he was an employee of the rich family who owns the house, she thought giving him a sandwich and a bottle of water might be a good idea.

“Here you go, sir! This is for you,” she gave the bag to the youyng man.

“For me? Oh, that’s so kind of you!” The man responded.

“You must be feeling hungry after working so hard. Did you start cleaning yards in this neighborhood recently? I have never seen you before,” she asked.

“Umm… I―”

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