My Daughter-in-Law Made Me Choose between Living in Basement or Nursing Home

After Cecile’s husband, Henry, passes on, she seeks solace by moving into her son’s house. But when she gets there, her daughter-in-law makes her choose between their dark and unwelcoming basement and a nursing home. What happens when Cecile decides on another option altogether?

Losing a partner after forty years of marriage is traumatizing. Loneliness is felt immediately, but it becomes all the more consuming as time goes on.

When Henry, my husband, died of a heart attack, I felt this sense of loneliness harder than anything else. The grief took over, and all I wanted was to be around family.

I have two sons, Jack and Edward — Edward moved to Oxford straight out of college because he was awarded the opportunity to further his studies. He calls me every evening just to chat about our days.

Jack, on the other hand, lives not too far away from me. He is married to Lucy and has a son named after my husband.

So, now that I’m all alone in this big house Henry bought when we were just starting our family, I’ve been trying to decide whether to sell the house or live with Jack, as he offered, or move out by myself.

I decided to try living with Jack. It would be the most comforting thing. But little did I know, Lucy had other plans for my accommodation.

I asked my niece to pack up the place while I settled into my new home with Jack and his family.

So, I was at their doorstep, suitcases at my feet. Ready to take on the role of a live-in mother and grandmother — taking over the kitchen whenever Lucy needed me.

Lucy came to open the door, a mug of coffee in her hand, and told me that their house was bursting at the seams with the limited space and that the only room available was Henry Jr.’s room.

But she wasn’t about to upset the room and change it in any way. It was for Henry when he returned from his semester at college.

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