I’m Afraid of Giving Birth Because of My Mother-In-Law

Where should I begin with the wild ride that has been my marriage to Alex? We started off with the kind of love story you’d find in a college rom-com, meeting at the campus café, bonding over spilled coffee and laughter. But things took a dark turn when it was time for me to give birth to our child.

When Alex and I met, I was a literature major who loved daydreaming and writing poetry in my notebooks, while Alex was the practical engineering geek who somehow made differential equations sound romantic.

In the beginning, our differences were charming. I loved Emily Dickinson and poetry slams, while he was into robotics projects. Somehow, it worked. Our dates ranged from debating Star Wars movies to quiet evenings at home, me reading while he tinkered with gadgets. It was quirky and fun.

As time passed, we graduated, moved cities, and settled in Willow Creek, Alex’s hometown. At first, it was great. We found a cozy apartment, but being closer to Alex’s family, especially his mom, Mrs. Harlow, brought unexpected challenges.

Mrs. Harlow, a widow, leaned heavily on Alex for support, which I understood. But her version of support became daily visits, dinner invitations, and endless calls. Every decision, big or small, seemed to require her input, and Alex turned to her for everything.

The real test came when we announced our pregnancy. Mrs. Harlow suggested moving in to help and conveniently had “emergencies” whenever we made plans. I felt sidelined in my own marriage.

I tried talking to Alex about it, but he always defended his mother. So, I devised a test—a false alarm about going into labor. Sadly, Alex chose his mother over me, confirming my fears.

My fear of childbirth isn’t just about pain; it’s rooted in losing my own mother during childbirth. Growing up, I pieced together her story from photos and stories, knowing my birth came at a cost.

Alex knew my fear, but his loyalty to his mother overshadowed my concerns. As my due date approached, I leaned on my best friend, Mia, who became my rock through it all.

Mia’s unwavering support gave me hope amidst the chaos. Together, we faced the challenges of marriage and impending motherhood, turning fear into resilience and finding strength in friendship.

As I prepare to give birth, Mia’s presence calms me, reminding me I’m not alone. Our journey taught me the power of chosen family and the importance of setting boundaries, even with loved ones.

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