Rescuers have to trick a mother cat who diden’t want to be saved for clinging to baby

Rescuers had to trick a mother cat who didn’t want to be saved. In her eagerness to hold on to her only remaining baby, she refused to accept help. What happened next restores our faith in humanity.


The work that animal rescuers do is worthy of admiration, because they never know what attitude the creatures will take when they receive help. The past that these animals have gone through often conditions their relationships with humans and makes the poor creatures violent and distrustful.

Such has been the rescue story of a mother cat who refused to expose her cub to the eyes of strangers, not knowing that they were only going to save them.

They were forced to trick the mother cat who turned out to be the most loving and protective cat in the world.

Last week Catsnip Etc, a TNR (trap-neuter-return) shelter in Elkhart County, Indiana (USA), received a report of a stray cat in need of help.

The person who had reported her commented on the dangers the poor animal was in and the rescuers did not hesitate to attend to the case.

Despite her bad temper, it was necessary to save this mama.

Upon arriving at the site, it was easy to find the kitten, as she had settled in a makeshift shelter made of plywood. As soon as she saw the humans, the cat ran to hide there and some noises inside seemed to indicate that she was not alone.

“If anyone came within four yards of mom’s wooden ‘house,’ she would run out, growling and ready to attack,” stated a Catsnip Etc. volunteer.

Rescuers knew they were dealing with a tricky kitty and decided to use a humane trap with a food trail to get the critter inside, but the wily mother would only go so far.

“She didn’t want to go in. She was too worried about leaving her baby,” the volunteer commented.

Seeing that the devoted and protective mother’s weakness was her kitten, rescuers tried a new strategy. Since the kitten would run out to the makeshift house every time her young meowed, they decided to play a kitten crying sound in the cage.

“We put the phone at the end of the trap and 20 seconds later, she came running in.”

Once trapped, rescuers approached the cat’s home and retrieved her baby

After scouring the area they realized that this was the only kitten left in the area, so the entire family was rescued.

At the shelter it was not difficult to find a home for these precious cats and both mother and daughter now have a new family.

Everyone has been surprised by the change the cat is showing: from that first surly and distrustful day, she now seems to be a spoiled and grateful for the attention she receives.

For her part, the baby has already gained a little more than 1 kilo since her rescue and will continue to grow next to her mother in that cozy home. It is wonderful what a timely and accurate human intervention, full of empathy and compassion for animals, can achieve.

In this video you can learn more details of this impressive rescue that leaves us humans with the best of lessons:

Motherhood is a serious matter for many species and this cat demonstrated the value to her of her baby, it is a beautiful story that should inspire so many mothers around the world.


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