After Wife’s Death, Old Man Discovers He Is Not the Biological Father of Their Three Sons

After his wife passed away, an old man realized he had been living a lie when he found out that the three sons he raised alongside her were not his — he had been infertile since birth.

“Hello Mr. Adams, one question. How is it that you managed to father three boys even though you have been infertile since birth?”

The question sounded offensive to John Adams, a 69-year-old man who had been getting treated for mild flu at the hospital. But he was also a patient man — he had to be; after all, he raised three boys all by himself.

“What do you mean doctor?” he asked, even as his mind raced to piece together what the doctor was implying.

“Well, your file says you are the biological father of three adult male but after conducting a full-body test on you, we discovered that you have cystic fibrosis.”

“Cystic what?” John croaked, his heart thundering.

“It is a disease which prevents men who have it from having kids. From the test results, it is clear that you have had this disease since birth which means there is no way you could have fathered those boys.”

John had had enough. “I don’t know what rubbish you think your license gives you the authority to spout but I advise you to watch what you say or you could get punched. The boys are mine!” he exclaimed.

Later that day, he called his sons and asked them to come over for dinner because he had missed them and was feeling lonely. They all obliged since they didn’t live too far – a decision they made after their mom passed. They made it down to their dad’s house at about 6 pm.

It can’t be true! John thought even as logic fought to trump emotion – he had taken a thorough look at the boys, and they looked nothing like him.

John wanted them to have dinner indoors because he needed a chance to get hair and saliva samples from them in order to run DNA tests.

If they ate at a restaurant, he knew he wouldn’t be able to bring the utensils home and he also feared the three boys would disperse to their various homes after the meal which would deny him a chance to get the samples.

They ordered pizza that evening, and John got out one of his prized vintage wine and glassware. They ate and drank merrily and when night fell, they all returned to their homes.

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