Georgia angrily was saying, “You are a wh-”

Then Hans intervened to stop his mother calling names to his wife Barbara. “Mother! You will not speak to my wife like this. Apologize right now!”

Georgia and Manny, the in-laws came for the first time after Hans and Barbara had their first child. Ther recently returned from the hospital, and they asked for some private time for themselves to bond with their child.

A month later they invited people over to see their baby, and finally it was time for Manny and Georgia to visit their grandchild. They already was present at the hospital, and they didn’t caused any scene as Georgia was one hell of a mother-in-law.

After they arrived, Barbara offered Georgia to spend some time with her grandson Hans Jr., but as soon as she saw the baby, Georgia said, “I knew it. I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!”

“What did you know, Mom? What’s going on?” Hans asked as he was confused.

“That baby is not my grandson! Hans, listen to me. You’re not the father! Barbara is clearly cheating on you! Look at him! His nose is completely different, and his skin tone is not like our family!” Georgia started to accuse Barbara with cheating Hans.

“Excuse me?” Barbara responded as she was offended and shocked.

“Mother! That’s preposterous! You have to not right to make such an accusation. Barbara has never cheated on me, and I know that this baby is my son. 100%!” Hans protected his wife.

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