Sadie and Lori had been inseparable since high school, with Lori practically becoming a second daughter to Sadie’s mother, who frequently inquired, “Is Lori coming over for dinner tonight?”

The pair eventually married two close friends, Benjamin and Keith, whom they met during their school years. Initially, Sadie had thought Benjamin would be her match, but over time, Keith captured her heart, and Lori paired off with Benjamin.

Plans were made for a joint vacation to celebrate Keith’s birthday. “Sort out our stay, Sadie,” instructed Lori, “while Ben and I handle the meals.”

The trip proceeded wonderfully, with the evening filled with laughter and drinks. At one point, Benjamin and Sadie found themselves alone on the balcony.

Inside, Lori and Keith were singing karaoke. Benjamin leaned in, “Sadie, I’ve been arranging a surprise for Lori.”

Curious, Sadie pressed, “Ben, what are you scheming?”

“It’s a secret! I’d have to trust you to keep it if I share. I’ve struggled to keep bottles hidden from Lori…”

“Which bottles?”

Benjamin chuckled, his speech slightly slurred from the alcohol.

Lori and Benjamin typically avoided alcohol, given her father’s battle with alcoholism, which made her forbid alcohol at home.

“What are you both whispering about?” Lori suddenly appeared. Benjamin quickly diverted to a tale about being trapped in an elevator with Keith.

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