Everyone is speechless!: this is what 70-year-old Madonna looks like with no filters and retouching!

You’ll be astounded by what you see when you see Madonna’s true appearance.

As is evident, Madonna continues her fervent attempt to maintain her former beauty and attractiveness. She tries everything to achieve this, including retouching, filters, aesthetic procedures, and surgery.

She seems to have eternal youth and beauty as her life aim, and many have remarked that she is preoccupied with her appearance. She doesn’t hesitate to flaunt her body in miniskirts, provocative attire, and even skimpy underwear.

Regardless of her efforts to uphold that “perfect” persona, her advanced age is becoming evident. Her true visage with wrinkles and other flaws is shown in unretouched paparazzi images.

The paparazzi recently caught her arriving at an event honoring her own book, and they didn’t miss the opportunity to capture the «perfect» moment.

Everyone’s eyes were drawn to her fiery corset, fishnet tights, and black jacket there. She had significant wrinkles and sagging skin, which everyone noted. It soon became apparent that she didn’t look anything like she did on Instagram in real life.

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