My son heard his mom crying & strangers’ voices, urging me home — What I discovered was beyond belief

Cutting ties with members of the family is never an easy decision, but there are times when that’s the only reasonable thing to do.

A man shared a story of a traumatizing experience and a day no one could prepare him for.

The day started as usual. He was at the office, trying to find some missing files, when his phone started ringing. It was his eight-year-old son Luke who was supposed to be at school at the time. Looking at the phone, the man realized that his son had called him 10 times before, and he immediately knew that something was very wrong.

He rushed to call him back, freaking out, when he heard the boy saying, “Daddy, please come home!! Mom is crying…”

“Slow down, buddy. What’s happening?”

“Daddy, I don’t know what to do. I just came home and now I hear mom crying in her room!”

“Why didn’t you go into her room?” the man asked his son.

“I’m too scared to go inside. I hear other voices in there!”

“Okay, okay! Stay in your room. Lock the door! I’ll call your mom,” the man said, trying not to panic.

He tried calling his wife, but the call went straight to voicemail. This wasn’t something usual for his wife who always picked up when he called her. Sadly, this made him even more terrified. He quickly grabbed his keys and called 911 as he rushed out of the office.

Unaware of what could be going on, the man couldn’t wait to get home.

When he arrived, the cops still weren’t there but he couldn’t wait for them, he simply had to enter the room and make sure that he wife was safe.

No matter what it was, or who was inside the room, he was ready to face them.

The man kicked the door opened and to his surprise his wife wasn’t inside the room. It was her sister, Diana, having “fun” with two men.

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