A Woman Transforms a Boeing 747 into a Dream Home

The trend of building homes using non-traditional materials, including buses, tiny houses and shipping containers, continues to grow in popularity.

These unique and affordable alternatives offer the same level of comfort and plenty of customization options. But Jo Ann Ussery pioneered this trend long before it became a thing.

After his home in Benoit, Mississippi was destroyed in 1993, he embarked on a unique adventure transforming an old Boeing 727 into a beautiful, fully functional home.

From tragedy to triumph
Ussery’s journey began when her husband died unexpectedly, leaving her and her two children in need of a new home. Facing financial difficulties, he initially considered the purchase of a trailer as a solution.

But he soon realized that he couldn’t afford to buy a house big enough to accommodate his growing family. Then Ussery’s father-in-law, Bob, an air traffic controller, suggested the unusual idea of ​​living in an airplane.

Intrigued by the concept, Asseri went to see the Boeing 727 disassembled and fell in love at first sight. fatty? It’s only 2,000 won including shipping. Ussery was inspired by Donald Trump’s personal Boeing 727 and named his new acquisition “Little Trump”.

With determination and creativity, Usseri began the important task of transforming the aircraft into a unique and comfortable home. With $30,000 (the equivalent of about $60,000 today), he began a project that would require a significant time and financial investment.

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