7 Nightmare Wedding Guests Who Completely Ruined the Big Day

Weddings should only be about love and joy, but not everyone wants to see others finding their happily ever after. These nightmare nuptials prove that you shouldn’t invite everyone to your special day. And the seventh story shows that everything in your life could be a lie!

Planning a wedding is already stressful and expensive enough for someone to come and ruin everything. These people on Reddit posted what happened during their ceremony and reception that made them wish they hadn’t hosted a party at all.

1. My Selfish Family Did Whatever They Wanted

u/Swimming_Juice_9752: Not everyone should be considered your close family. I married my partner in a modest ceremony and reception in our backyard. Being middle-aged and each on our second marriage, we opted for a simple thing.

Despite the distance, almost every guest traveled, some from the Midwest and others for hours within our state. We live in a remote part of the country, where a 120-mile journey can take over five hours.

Still, we were thrilled that my parents and one of my six siblings made it. My parents had a visit planned, so we timed the wedding to fit perfectly. My sister decided to join a couple of weeks before the event.

I arranged hair and makeup appointments with my regular stylist for my mom, sister, and me. The first appointment was at 10 a.m., and I was the last to go there, so I stayed home to prepare our house until noon.

After arriving at the salon, I found out that my mom and sister had left. I had hoped we’d spend the day together, especially since we live nearly 2,000 miles apart.

I returned home around 3 p.m., with much left to do and the photographer arriving at 4:30 p.m., so I was panicking. I texted my family for help.

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