My Husband Took Me to a Fancy Restaurant for Our Anniversary but Only Let Me Order a Cheap Salad – This Special Day He Won’t Forget

Emma’s husband Mark took her to the most upscale restaurant in town on their tenth wedding anniversary, just to make her feel uncomfortable with an inexpensive salad. He had no idea that she would make him pay for his brutality, along with the entire restaurant, the following night.

Warm, golden light filled the diner from the chandelier’s mellow radiance. The exquisite table settings and velvet chairs created a refined environment.

My spouse, Mark, had assured me that the tenth anniversary of our marriage would be the most memorable. I had visioned a decadent evening complete with exquisite dishes and bubbly wine.

I saw the knowing smiles the waiters exchanged as we were seated. They appeared to know Mark well. The most expensive restaurant in town, “La Belle Époque,” was where he had a reservation. This location was meant for significant events, and tonight was one of them.

Mark grinned indifferently and gave me the menu. “Order whatever you like, dear,” he replied, but there was another message in his eyes. I quickly perused the menu, which was chock-full of expensive but delicious items, the descriptions of which made my mouth swim.

Excitement brimming in me, I said, “I think I’ll have the lobster bisque to start, and then the filet mignon.”

Mark’s grin narrowed. In actuality, would you mind beginning with a house salad? Be brief. You really intend to reduce your weight, right? The next time we visit, perhaps you’ll wear that gorgeous red dress I have my eye on.”

His remarks resembled a slap. I felt a sharp blush of humiliation as I looked around. Did he think of this as a joke? However, I could tell he was serious by the steely glitter in his eyes.

“Mark, it’s our anniversary,” I quietly objected. “I thought—”

He cut the waiter off with a wave, saying, “You thought wrong.” “I’ll have the Chateaubriand, medium rare, and my wife will have the house salad. and a bottle of your finest red wine.”

The waiter paused and gave me a pitying look. “Very well, sir.”

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