I blocked a man after he treated me to a dinner costing over $600 – it turned out he had been trying to warn me.

Just when Penelope thought her evening couldn’t get any more complicated, a simple dinner with David turns into a journey of shocking truths that challenges everything she knows about herself and her family. What was meant to be a night of culinary delight quickly becomes a backdrop for revelations that could change her life forever.

Have you ever had a date go completely sideways? Yeah, me too. This one started out promising, but let’s just say it ended with a twist I never saw coming. So, it all began on a seemingly ordinary day at the city library.

That’s where I met David. With his teacherly charm, he struck up a conversation by asking about my favorite books. Before I knew it, we were deep in a chat about everything from classic literature to modern sci-fi. It was refreshing to meet someone who could keep up with my random train of thought.

In the flow of our conversation, David popped the question—not that question, but a dinner date. He asked, “What’s your favorite restaurant?” I remember laughing softly, a bit taken aback by his directness.

I replied, “My favorite place is a bit much for a first date,” but I ended up telling him about it anyway. It’s this exquisite spot I reserve for celebrating personal milestones or just when I feel like treating myself. I mean, it’s not every day you drop $600 for dinner, right?

But, wanting to keep things light and breezy for our first outing, I suggested a cool Mexican place halfway between us. I pitched it with a wink: “They’ve got over 300 tequilas and tacos with handmade tortillas that are to die for. Plus, it’s pretty easy on the wallet.”

David listened intently but insisted on choosing the place himself. I appreciated his initiative, even though part of me really wanted those amazing tacos. Compromise is key in big cities plagued by dreadful traffic, especially when you live on opposite ends.

Now, about my favorite restaurant. It’s this fabulous place where cocktails crafted by James Beard award-winning mixologists dance on your palate, and the appetizers are little bites of heaven. Sometimes, I go there just to sip on a cocktail and soak in the luxurious ambiance.

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