My Husband Repeatedly Used My Credit Card Without Permission, So I Decided to Teach Him a Lesson

I begged my husband repeatedly not to use my credit card without first talking to me, but he disregarded me and did as he pleased. Apparently, I had to give him a hard lesson the last time he disobeyed me!

Patrick and I have experienced many obstacles in the six years since we decided to go through life together, but nothing quite like the credit card drama. Since I’m a software engineer and can support our family, Patrick is able to fully appreciate his position as a stay-at-home father to our energetic kids.

Even though this arrangement was satisfying, it unexpectedly put stress on our relationship, especially in relation to money.

Our confidence had started to be undermined by my husband’s unpleasant habit of carelessly using my credit card for both big and minor transactions. In addition to lavishing himself with ostentatious purchases, Patrick also treated his pals like he was spending his own hard-earned cash!

There were times when, upon returning home with a newly acquired item, I pictured my husband as those video rappers, flinging cash around to the joy and excitement of the onlookers!

I realize it’s unrealistic, but at times I thought that’s exactly what he was doing.

The unapproved purchase of an ostentatious gaming chair was the last straw! My resolve was sparked by my husband’s casual response when I confronted him.

I did indeed take your card. With a dismissive shrug, he had responded, “What, you wanted ME to ask?”

To be honest, I was a little offended by his disdainful attitude because I had previously talked to him about my credit card boundaries.

Driven by a combination of frustration and a need to impart a lasting knowledge, I devised a scheme that revolved around his favorite gaming evenings. When I recommended that we host the next one, you could feel the excitement in his voice. He smiled at the news, not understanding my plan, and remarked the following regarding the concept and his new purchase:

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