My Twin Sister Impersonated Me and Lured My Fiancé on Our Wedding Day — My Reaction Was Severe

When Nina’s twin sister Emma tricked her husband, Luke, into a scandalous betrayal on their wedding night, Nina devised a plan for vengeance. With the help of a homeless man transformed into a faux tycoon, she orchestrated a public humiliation that left Emma’s world in shambles.

I had been waiting for my wedding day for so long. A week before the wedding, Luke and I went to my parents’ place to finalize the preparations. We were sitting in the kitchen, discussing the plans.

“Nina,” my mom said, looking up from the guest list. “I noticed Emma’s name isn’t on here.”

I stiffened. Emma, my twin sister, and I hadn’t spoken in years. I didn’t want her at my wedding. “Mom, you know how I feel about Emma. She’s envious and arrogant. I don’t want her there.”

My mom’s face softened. “Honey, she’s still your sister. It wouldn’t feel right without her.”

My dad nodded in agreement. “Family is important, Nina. Give her a chance.”

I sighed. “Fine. I’ll invite her.” Inside, I dreaded it. But I wanted to keep the peace.

The wedding day finally came, and it was beautiful. We celebrated at a lovely countryside hotel we rented for three days. Everything was perfect. The sun was shining, the flowers were gorgeous, and everyone seemed happy.

To my surprise, Emma and I managed to bond. She seemed different, kinder even. “Nina,” she said, her eyes softening. “I’m really happy for you.”

“Thanks, Emma. I appreciate that.” Maybe she had changed, I thought.

As the evening went on, the older guests began to leave, while the younger ones stayed to party. The real celebration started with lots of dancing and drinking. The atmosphere was vibrant and joyful.

Emma approached me with a mischievous smile, holding two identical dresses. “Remember these?” she asked. “Let’s dress the same, just like when we were kids!”

I laughed. “Why not? For old times’ sake.” We put on the matching dresses and styled our hair the same way. It felt nostalgic and fun.

As the night wore on, I realized I hadn’t seen Luke for a while. I looked around the crowded room but couldn’t find him. A sense of unease settled in my stomach. “Have you seen Luke?” I asked a few friends, but no one had.

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