My Wedding Planner Said I Canceled My Own Wedding but I Didn’t – The Truth Left Me Speechless

Chelsea is all set to marry Rasmus, the man of her dreams. But when the wedding day arrives and no guests show up, Chelsea has to figure out who canceled her wedding and whether her groom is right for her or not.

I’ve always wanted that ‘Happily Ever After’ kind of romantic life. So, when I met Rasmus, I thought I had finally gotten it. But as my wedding day began to unravel, it seemed I had gotten the nightmare version instead.

Rasmus and I met at a bakery. It was a sweet little meet-cute situation — where I was convinced he was the perfect person for me. We exchanged numbers over rye bread.

“I’ll be seeing you around, Chelsea,” he said, holding onto a loaf of artisanal bread.

He called me just as he left the bakery, wanting us to have dinner that night.

Two short years later, we were waking up to our wedding day.

That morning, I showered early, eagerly awaiting my hair and makeup appointments. I remember sitting at the edge of the hotel bed, looking at my dress and holding my breath.

A person pouring wine at a restaurant | Source: Pexels

So, the day went on — my maid of honor, my sister Jess, was with me, and we continued to get ready.

“Where’s Mom?” Jess asked. “Shouldn’t she be getting dressed with us?”

“No, we decided it would be best for her and Dad to meet us at the venue. You know she doesn’t get along with Rasmus.”

Jess shook her head.

“You’d think that Mom would have sorted out her feelings by now.”

It was true, my parents loved me — but they just couldn’t see Rasmus and me together.

“There’s just something off about him,” my father would say. “But we respect your wishes to marry him.”

Closer to the time, Jess called for the hotel car, and we made our way to the wedding venue.

“Where is everyone?” Jess asked, echoing my thoughts.

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