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My Ex-husband’s New Wife Unexpectedly Contacted Me – What She Wrote Made Me Go Pale

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but when my ex-husband’s new wife reached out to me, I found myself caught in a web of desperation and secrets. I thought I’d left the pain of my past behind, but her plea for help opened old wounds and led me down a path I never expected.

Five years ago, my life fell apart most unexpectedly. I was married to Kevin, a charming and successful businessman. Everything seemed perfect, or so I thought until the day he accidentally texted me instead of his mistress.

That text shattered my world. “I hate her, Jess.” it read. “I hate Bridget, with every fiber of my being. She can’t even give me a baby.”

Yes, he was talking about me. I’m infertile, something he knew before we got married. I felt the blood drain from my face as I read those words over and over. The man I loved, the man I thought loved me, had been cheating on me and resented me for something out of my control.

Of course, I couldn’t forgive him and we decided to call it quits. By the time our divorce was finalized, Kevin had built quite a portfolio: a company, three commercial properties, and a beautiful lake house.

In the settlement, I got half of everything, including the apartment and the lake house. On top of that, I became a silent partner in his company, receiving returns twice a year.

Soon afterward, he married Jessica, the woman he cheated on me with. I tried to move on, blocking out any news about them. That was until a month ago. One evening, out of the blue, I got a message from an unknown number.

“Hi. It’s Jess. Kevin’s new wife. I need your help. I’m begging you. Please, answer. Only you can save me.”

I stared at my phone, my heart racing. Her messages looked so desperate that I decided to respond.

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