Granny Plants a Rose Bush Every Birthday, but Three Years After Her Death, Granddaughter Finds Three New Bushes — Story of the Day

Maria’s late granny used to plant a rose bush every birthday. When Mariia returned to her grandmother’s home three years after her passing, she was astonished to see three new rose bushes in a shade of pink. Someone continued planting them! That was just the beginning…

Maria pushed open the creaky gate and stepped into the familiar garden, her heart swelling with nostalgia. The scents of fresh earth and blooming flowers greeted her, whispering memories of days spent with her grandmother.

Despite her three-year absence, the garden flourished, its paths were clear, and the bushes were pruned as if a mysterious stranger had been caring for them.

Suddenly, Maria’s eyes caught three new rose bushes vibrant against the green, nestled in a corner that had once been just grass and wildflowers.

Her grandmother had a tradition: every year, on her birthday, she would plant a new rose bush in this garden. Maria was puzzled at the sight of these new additions.

Curiosity tugged at her, pulling her towards her neighbor’s house. Often found lounging on his porch, Sam watched the world go by with minimal interest. As Maria approached, Sam’s lazy gaze lifted from his newspaper.

“Morning, Maria! Back from your travels, I see,” Sam called out, a lazy smile on his face.

“Morning, Sam,” Maria replied, her tone curious. “I noticed someone taking care of the garden while I was away. Do you know anything about it?”

Sam scratched his head, his expression revealing nothing but disinterest.

Maria tilted her head, a frown knitting her brow.

“A kid? Do you know who he is? I didn’t arrange for anyone to care for the garden.”

“Nah,” Sam yawned, stretching his arms. “Quiet boy doesn’t talk much. Just does his thing and leaves. Thought maybe you knew him, had him looking after the place.”

aria’s mind raced with questions. Who was this mysterious boy, and why would he tend to her grandmother’s garden?

It was heartwarming yet mystifying. The connection to her grandmother’s birthday suggested it wasn’t just a random act of kindness.

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