Girl Is Waiting for Her Boyfriend in the Cold When a Stranger Approaches Her

I had been involved with Max, a wealthy man who was extremely self-absorbed and saw me as more of a housekeeper. But my life took a turn when I encountered a stranger.

I was in my late twenties, attractive, intelligent, and above all else, flexible. It was this adaptability that led me to fall for Max. Speaking of him, he was running late… again.

I had been standing outside in the freezing weather for close to an hour, wondering why Max was always tardy.

My irritation was growing, but showing my frustration could have consequences, so I continued to rub my frozen hands together to keep warm.

My legs were feeling the chill even more, and yet Max was nowhere to be seen. My phone had died a few minutes prior, so contacting him was not an option.

Not that he had called when the phone was still— oof! Snow fell from the roof above.

The sudden cold shock brought me back to reality, and I noticed another couple nearby.

I recognized the man; he had bought the bouquet he now presented to a girl who must have arrived after I did. I wanted to give them space, but I was too cold and tired to move, so I watched discreetly.

The romantic man offered the flowers, but the girl did not take them. They talked for a while before she walked away. It was clear he had been rejected, and I felt sympathy for him.

Feeling guilty for intruding on such a personal moment, I resolved to leave and head home. I was done waiting.

As I turned, the man saw me and came towards me purposefully—I felt frozen in place, like a deer in the headlights.

Upon reaching me, he smiled and handed me the bouquet, saying he picked it himself.

“Look how beautiful!” he said with enthusiasm.

I accepted the flowers hesitantly, touched by this unanticipated kindness from a stranger.

“You should head home; it’s freezing out here,” he advised.

Realizing he must have seen me earlier, he asked, “How long have you been waiting?”

I replied, “Probably forty minutes…”

He suddenly grew angry—should I run? I wondered.

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