My Husband Wouldn’t Take Pictures of Me During Our Vacation — His Excuse Surprised Me, but My Payback Left Him in Tears

Hello everyone, Hannah here. This is a tough story to share, but I need to get it off my chest. I’m a 38-year-old mom of two wonderful kids (seven and five), and I’ve been married to my husband, Luke, for nearly ten years. We’ve faced our fair share of challenges, like any couple. But something that happened on our recent trip to Mexico really took me by surprise, more than anything else we’ve been through.

Picture this: we’re in Mexico, surrounded by beautiful beaches and perfect weather. I was so excited about this trip. I had planned everything down to the last detail because, let’s face it, as a mom, I rarely get a break.

This was supposed to be our time to reconnect, relax, and just enjoy each other’s company. But from the beginning, Luke was acting strange. Every time I asked him to take a photo of me or with me, he brushed it off.

“I’m not in the mood,” he’d say, or “Can we do it later?” At first, I thought maybe he was just tired from the travel. But then it kept happening.

We were on this gorgeous beach, and I was wearing a new dress I bought just for the trip. I felt good about myself, which is rare these days after having two kids. I asked Luke, “Can you take a picture of me with the sunset?”

He sighed and muttered, “Not now, Hannah.”

I frowned, feeling a bit hurt. “Why not? It’ll just take a second.”

“I said I’m not in the mood,” he snapped, turning away.

That hurt. We’re on vacation, and he can’t take a moment to snap a photo? I felt embarrassed and confused.

Throughout the trip, I noticed him being extra protective of his phone. He’d hide the screen whenever I walked by and took it with him even to the bathroom. My gut told me something was off, but I tried to ignore it.

One afternoon, Luke was in the shower, and I saw his phone lying on the bed. My heart pounded as I picked it up. I know it’s wrong to invade someone’s privacy, but I had to know. I quickly unlocked his phone and opened his recent messages.

There it was, a group chat with his friends. And what I read made my blood run cold. He had written, “Imagine, guys, at her weight, she still wants me to take pictures of her! Where would she even fit in the photo? She hasn’t been the same since giving birth.”

Tears welled up in my eyes, and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. This was the man I loved, the father of my children, saying such cruel things behind my back. I thought we were partners, that he loved me for who I am, but here he was, mocking me to his friends.

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