My Parents Left Me and My Younger Siblings Behind When I Was 15 — Years Later, They Showed Up at My Door with Smiles

Tori’s life falls apart when her heartless parents desert her and her two younger brothers, forcing them to survive on their own. As she starts to put her life back together, her absent parents appear at her doorstep, grinning as if no time has passed. What brings them back after so long, and what are their intentions towards Tori?

Stunned, I watched my parents hastily pack their belongings in our living room. “We’re calling child services; they’ll find you a new home,” my father declared sternly.

My younger brothers clung to me, their expressions a mix of bewilderment and terror.

“Tori, what’s going on?” Lucas asked, his eyes wide with fright.

Only six years old, my heart shattered for him.

“I’m not sure, Lucas,” I reassured him, holding him close. “But we’ll be okay. I promise.”

At 15, I was overwhelmed and confused.

Ben, only five, started to cry. “I don’t want to leave, Tori. I want to stay with you.”

My heart bled for my brothers.

I wished to shield them, to keep us united, yet I felt utterly helpless.

The sound of the doorbell caused my heart to drop further.

It was Child Services, just as Dad had warned.

A compassionate woman entered the living room. She introduced herself, but her name escaped me, my thoughts racing.

“I’m here to assist,” she said softly. “I know this is difficult, but we need to move you to a safe place.”

Lucas tightened his hold on me, and I clung back. “Please, let us stay,” I pleaded. “We’ll behave.”

The woman sighed, her eyes filled with sadness. “I’m sorry, Tori. This isn’t in my control.”

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