Man Hears Kitten From The Engine Of An Excavator And Does Everything To Get Him Out

A man heard a kitten from the engine of an excavator and did everything to get him out.

Matt was out working on a construction project early this month when an unexpected turn of events occurred. At the end of the day, he heard what sounded like a kitten coming from an excavator on site.

“He had everything stopped to listen, and no one could hear it but him,” Amy, Matt’s sister, shared with Love Meow. “He searched and found the kitten near the engine. His little body had been inside this excavator all day long.”

The kitten was so small that he appeared to be a newborn. He meowed at the top of his lungs trying to get help. Matt couldn’t reach in to grab him, so he decided to take apart plates from the bottom of the excavator in order to save him.

He had to remove a large bolt and plate near the engine. He wrapped the kitten in a jacket and drove to meet me.”

The tabby boy named Max wasn’t the only kitten found that day, but he was the sole survivor of his litter. Matt rushed him to his sister so she could start critical care on him.

Upon arrival, the little palm-sized kitten weighed a mere 2.5 ounces (70 grams), about half the size he should have been, and his umbilical cord was still attached.

“He was covered in dirt with dirt filling his mouth and ears. I gently wiped him with a wet cotton ball and found that he had burns on the side of his face and front legs,” Amy told Love Meow.

With some food (kitten formula) in his belly and a warm bed to nestle in, baby Max pulled through the first 24 hours in his new home. He started to put on weight and insisted on snuggling with Amy after each meal. Through syringe feeding, he was able to latch better and eat more.

On day six, Max found his purr and quickly put it to good use. He was still very tiny, smaller than the size of a remote control.

As soon as his eyes cracked open, he was on the move, trying to climb over his nursery with so much vigor.

The first three weeks of his life were nerve-wracking. “I didn’t know if he would survive. He’s always had a strong meow and a determination to get what he wants,” Amy shared with Love Meow.

Max continued to eat to his heart’s content and cling to his human mom for comfort. He figured out how to groom his coat and toes on his own, and even grew a healthy, chonky, cute belly.

At 3-4 weeks old, Max crossed the one-pound mark and graduated to a playpen where he could exercise his legs and learn to walk.

He soon discovered his humans’ bed and decided to tuck himself under the comforter like his people do. He met other members of the family and made his way on their lap or shoulders, gifting each person a dose of his love.

“He purred from the beginning and loves to play with whoever will play with him, including our dog. He is a miracle.”

The pint-sized wonder has blossomed into a playful, inquisitive, mischievous young tabby. He is honing his run and pounce, and exploring every nook and cranny of the house.

He likes to roll around wedged between two cushions and try to catch invisible bugs at the same time.

He is the sweetest little nap buddy that one could ask for as he goes around the house, showering everyone with his snuggles.

Max was found as a tiny newborn in a difficult situation. Not only did he get a new lease on life, but also he’s found a forever family that adores him to bits.


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