This IS what Happens When A Photographer Babysits Your Cat

Have you ever asked one of your friends to look after your cat while you’re away? Well Miranda McDonald did exactly that.

While she was on a musical tour for two months she asked her photographer friend, Josell Mariano to take care of her beloved cat, a blue tabby named Jade.

She already knew that they got along well so it was a comfort knowing that Jade would be

But little did she realize just how well they’d get on. Not only did Josell take very good care of Jade, on her return he presented Miranda with a photoshoot of her beloved kitty.

Josell explained: “My friend [Miranda] is a photographer for musical artists and was on tour for 2 months so I had Jade all that time.

She is super sweet! Every morning, she jumps on the bed for pets and cuddles, and same at night when we go to sleep.

The rest of the day, she follows me from room to room, usually finding a sunbeam to sleep in. Things she gets scared of are loud noises, soft noises, sudden movements, slow movements.”

“I love cats!” he added. “Love animals in general, but cats are cool because they just feel like a furry roommate (and much cuter).

They generally take care of themselves, but are still down to keep you company while you watch TV or something.”



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