A Man Went To Adopt A Shelter Dog But A Kitten Was Discovered By Him instead

A man says he merely wants to adopt pets since he has always been a dog enthusiast. He went to his neighborhood animal shelter to get a dog for this purpose.

However, every dog in the shelter had already been adopted and relocated. He was overjoyed that the dogs had finally found a loving family, despite the fact that he was unable to adopt any of the dogs.

“I was in Virginia for some training. At this specific time, pretty large snow was blowing through.

When I was on my way home I heard on the radio that a shelter called Richmond Animal League was looking for temporary/permanent homes for all of their animals, as the staff expected to get snowed in,” Spamwisejamkey an Imgur user said.

A woman at the shelter took him to a little kitty room to help him find a friend. However, he wasn’t really moved by any of the cats. So, she showed him back out to the lobby where they had some younger creatures separated in cages.

He was going to come back home when he saw a little kitty cat named Marbles was in a cage in the back of the room. He seemed to like this kitten, so the woman told him he could hold her if he wanted to.

I took her out of the cage after opening it, and that was it. She began making the most pitiful little chirps as she pressed her face on the brim of my cap (at this point, they realized what it was), but then a rumbling of purring interrupted her. I became a complete sap,” he said.

“I didn’t like or ever want cats before this. Simply put; I shook my head with a nod of acceptance, put her back in the cage for a brief moment while I did the paperwork, and got ready to take her home.

They didn’t have pups, but they did have my best bud. I was not a cat guy, but I guess you could say I’m a cat guy now.”

And instead of getting a puppy, he was chosen by a sweet cat who really wanted to be his best friend. Then, he gave her a new name, Barb. Thanks to the help and love of the man, Barb is now one beautiful, sweet and feisty kitty.

About six months after he adopted Barb, he adopted a dog named Rupert. Soon, they became close friends and spent most of their time playing and chasing each other.

Since he adopted Barb and Rupert two years ago, their relationship has become stronger than ever. Hearing that they are currently relishing their great lives makes us glad.

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