A mother cat who loves her baby so much

A mother cat who loves her baby so much

There is no doubt that the real tricolor is a great mother who is proud and beautiful every time she sees it. He eats a lot and is growing up, so he keeps drinking his mother’s milk. Even though the tricolor looks tired, you give him milk… ㅜㅜ When the tricolor is weaned, let’s neuter and live happily as a tricolor girl❤️ Thank you always for the detailed observation and efforts of the butler 🙇 (tricolor in the last cut) Is this toenail missing?? 😥 I’m upset.It’s so nice to give it separately so you can’t take it away. They even make food carefully. It’s best!Wow, the children’s skin disease seemed to last for a long time, but they got pretty and pretty thanks to the housekeeper’s hard work and tricolor’s infinite care.Thanks to the sincerity of the housekeeper, both mother and baby cats are staying healthy.

The babies eat well and look full of energy.The mother or the housekeeper really take care of the babies.I’m tired from the hot weather, but seeing the pretty cats gives me energy. I love you three colors~🧡🧡🧡 Gilnyang Butler~ Take care of your health.Every time I see it, it’s wonderful and with my babies You are so pretty Perhaps because they grew up receiving a lot of sincerity from the butler, the children are growing up. There is always a healing channel, so I enjoy every day.It’s so hard for the butler to take care of so many children. The children are all pretty. Thank you, sir.

The motherly love of three colors is really amazing~~ Our little ones are growing up day by day, to the point where it’s a shame…The kids are getting prettier as the days go by ~~ My three-color motherly love is strong, so I’m still breastfeeding, but I want to stop feeding it now. For always healing me.Please show us how the three colors are eating. It’s a pity that you seem too skinny… It’s a lovely cat. It seems that there is no limit to the extent of shocking the love of three colors. It’s a stray cat, but it seems like it’s been established as a house cat. I respect you for raising so many children.Baby cats are three-color mothers. The butler’s grandmother (I’m not saying she’s old) She grew up so healthy and healthy with her sincerity.

Isn’t this the butler’s terrible love for cats… Dissolve the medicine yourself and feed them all… Take care of the kittens… All the kittens can’t live without the butler Babies stop acting like mothers… Mommy is having a hard time.With the housekeeper’s sincerity, go away the babies with skin diseases⭐️ We have 5 shiny babies😀 It’s nice to see other kitties too Our three colors must be sore.

Beautiful mother and her kittens. Thank you for taking such good care of them.Mom’s kittens look so tired. Please take care of them. The kittens are so healthy and pretty.I’ve never seen kittens that big nursing! Momma cat must be so content to keep them nursing so long.The children’s love for their mother seems very deep. Her mother will have surgery and will naturally drift away. Still, for some reason, this kind of affection seems to last a lifetime without forgetting this family. In addition, there is a strong guardian who takes care of such great love and effort, so how good is the tricolor family? I hope you are always happy too.Aigoo these guys!! It looks like she’s still hungry for her mother’s milk even after she’s full of the hearty baby food made by the housekeeper. Three-colored babies~ I think you can stop breastfeeding now, but motherly love is really amazing!

Gil-nim’s kids love you right!! Yes, I hope that you do not send so many cats for adoption, but carry them alone and endure them.The stronger the maternal instinct in the three colors, the more tears The tricolor is young and needs to be protected. I feel sorry for him because he is so skinny and takes care of the pups. I can’t take it apart.Oh…I was watching the video without much thought, but you always made me eat together on purpose. I can’t hear youIt’s the butler’s terrible stray cat love. Kids, I just want you to eat. Stop sucking her mother’s milk. You’re all grown up… tricolor, your maternal love is really amazing.Now I want to make the mother tricolor stop drinking milk. I feel very sorry for her almost fainting. The chicks are all grown up, so let them eat.

I just a kick out of seeing the way those kittens eat their best well prepared gourmet food, That includes mother cat And a wonderful family gathering after I just love watching the video!, Thanks.I have already seen 3 roadkilled babies in the past 2 weeks, and my heart hurts so much.One of the kittens resemble to my lost cat. I didn’t know you can mix wet food & kibbles! Need to try this.I am a cat mom managing a stray cat feed station. Every time I watch the video of the children who live with the butler’s house by luck, I am sad because I think of the children and other babies who have a hard time every day on the streets of a ruthless and rough city and come to my feed station to fill their hungry stomachs.



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