That’s why many people rub a slice of onion in the windows of their house.

Using Onion on House Windows: The Reasons

Even though it’s an unconventional solution, using onion to clean glass is a method that guarantees results beyond expectations. Very useful in the case of very dirty, greasy glass or with many fingerprints, this method really works and you should adopt it to ensure impeccable glass cleaning, all in just a few minutes.

In fact, you won’t have to make any effort to remove the dirt and grease, because the active principles present in the onion will melt every trace like snow in the sun and the dirt will practically disappear immediately. This method is nothing like the usual degreasers we use, which instead of removing the dirt, add more.

Two Methods to Use Onion for Cleaning

There are two ways to use onion for cleaning windows at home, and both are effective. Here they are, you can choose which one to use:

Onion Half or Onion Slice Method: Cut the onion in half or take a slice and rub it over the glass. This is an excellent method for removing insect droppings that stick to the glass and the dry stains that often form. If you continue rubbing, you will notice that the glass gradually becomes cleaner and free of any dirt residue. To finish the job, take a dry cloth and gently polish the glass. Remove the dirt and polish until there are no streaks. In this way, using just one onion or two slices, you can clean an entire door and leave it perfectly clean;

Onion in Water Method: The onion in water method involves cutting an onion in half and placing one in water. Choose a bucket for cleaning the glass, add some water and submerge half an onion in it. Leave the onion in the water for half an hour, then wet a cloth in the water and pass it over the windows. Remove all the dirt and then dry with a clean, soft cloth and make sure there are no streaks.

With this method, there will be no more water stains on the windows, and they will remain clean for a long time. Your windows will be so clean that they will be transparent, and everything you see through them will be clearer and sharper!

As you can see, this fantastic result was achieved using just half an onion, and you didn’t even spend anything because you probably already have it at home, as you also use it as a condiment in the kitchen. For extraordinary results, use microfiber cloths to polish glass, which will ensure a perfect clean and a unique shine that no other type of cloth can achieve.

You can also use a newspaper, which you will first have to crumple to get the right size to fit in your hand. Even with newspaper, you will get effective results on the windows, and they will immediately shine like never before!

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