Bringing a cat with special needs into your house goes beyond the act of love that adoption entails.

Let us introduce you to Aoife, a two-year-old cat that has captured the affection of countless individuals. Two lovely hoomans named Sabrina and James noticed the kitty on Instagram.

The moment they saw the animal, they fell in love with her and wanted to adopt her into their family. Aoife isn’t your typical cat, though.

She was born with a twisted pelvis, severe hip dysplasia, and a significant bend in the back towards her thoracic region. She must wear diapers since she is incontinent and has spinal abnormalities.

Despite her paralysis, Aoife has a good quality of life and has already become a viral sensation with more than 60k followers on Instagram!

Sabrina and James spent 2 months working with Aoife’s foster mum to learn how to properly take care of the disabled cat

Despite being different from other cats, Aoife has a good life and has settled in well at home

esides Aoife, Sabrina and James have also adopted 5 other cats, Pebbles, Kevin, Sofia, Ellie Mae and Peter.

The owners revealed that Aoife’s favorite activity is eating. “Zoomies are 2nd. Cuddling with mama is 3rd. She’s a bit of a bully at times, but all the cats get along with each other.”

“Her followers are very vocal about how much they love her story, but it wasn’t until her first reel hit 1 million views that we realized we had a little star,” Sabrina shared.

“She’s stubborn, feisty, fearless and incredibly strong, which makes for hilarious and inspirational videos. We had no idea she would have this much attention though.”

“Being Aoife’s mom is an honor and pure joy”.

Sabrina told us that watching Aoife thrive despite her disability has made them appreciate their blessings more, taught them to be kinder, and helped them connect with truly wonderful people!

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