Family Builds Stray Cat His Own Home in Hope to Save Him

Huge catio is where Gerrie and Loki like hanging out and playing as they observe the outside world. One day, a new cat decided to say hi in the catio. When he returned and a neighbor said that he was a stray who had lived in the region for years, the cats’ parents realized that they had assumed the wrong thing and didn’t give it much thought.

They gave him the name Ziggy and began wooing him as soon as they realized what had happened.

Ziggy started coming by twice a day for food, but was much too scared to be touched at first. His new friends wanted to find a way for him to feel safe each time he stopped by, so they decided to build him his own little house. They figured if he was still being standoffish as the colder months approached, then he would also have a warm place to stay, and they started feeding him in there to get him used to it.

Although it was evident that Ziggy still had a long way to go, he seemed to like the place and was very, very slowly beginning to warm up to the couple.

The mother of the cats, Renee, who asked that her last name not be used, told The Dodo, “After a few weeks of nursing, I could finally touch him as he was eating. But as soon as he was done eating, he refused to be touched.

Before they saw Ziggy curled up in his little house, hurt, and in need of assistance, the couple was still debating what to do with him. Should they try to bring him inside or simply keep feeding him outdoors until he was more comfortable? They carried him home after having the necessary operation, which they had hurriedly obtained from the veterinarian.

We kept him in a separate room for a few days following surgery, according to Renee. We allowed him to see Gerrie and Loki once again after a few days. Fortunately, they were still getting along, so we decided to keep Ziggy.

Ziggy had a little outdoor house that the couple had constructed for him so he would have a private place to feel safe, but in the end, it was their home where he actually found protection and comfort in the form of a new, permanent family.

It took a little time, but Ziggy is now completely settled into his new home and loving life. After his new parents helped him heal and took such good care of him, it seems he decided they weren’t so scary after all. His favorite activities now include laying near the warm dishwasher and stretching out next to the window.

He still likes to hang out outside with his new siblings — but instead of having his own little house, he now gets to share the great, big catio with Gerrie and Loki.

The three cats now enjoy spending time together and watching people pass by while keeping an eye out for any stray cats who might require a home.


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