New York SHelter Helps Stray Cats Become Farm Cats

“We are on a mission to save homeless, sick and dying animals.”

Puppy Kitty NyCity is an amazing nonprofit organisation that focuses on the TNR program (trap, neuter, return) and rehabilitating and rehoming street cats and dogs.

Their spokesperson told We Love Cats and Kittens: “At any any given time we have 250 animals in our care. Last year we rescued almost 900 animals.”

Their goal is to never say no to an animal in need and they work tirelessly to achieve this.

One of their initiatives is the “Barn Cat Program” where they relocate feral cats to farms and sanctuaries.

“While the majority of the feral cats here in New York can easily live outdoors, there are situations we have found where it’s unsafe to return the cats to where they were trapped.”

So they came up with another way to help these kitties and relocate them. And the barn cat program was a perfect solution.

“We pair feral cats who prefer to not live in a home, but who are in danger living on the street, to farms or warehouses who need a barn/working cat. They get to live out their lives with shelter, food, and water in exchange for helping with rodent control!”

The farms realized that adopting a working cat can help control rodent populations naturally, without the need to use rodenticides or other invasive methods.

We like to adopt our barn cats out in pairs so they can have a companion”, they told We Love Cats and Kittens.

We wholeheartedly approve of this wonderful initiative and can see that many cats have been given a better life.

In the picture below we see Carla, she was rescued from a dangerous part of NYC in the middle of winter.

She was soon relocated and is loving her new horse friends on her forever Massachusetts ranch.

They also hold many adoption events and are always on the lookout for volunteers.

If you live near Queens, New York and would like to get involved, you can contact them here.

They’ve also had many successful rescue missions, in particular , the story of the “Fruit Kittens.”

Their story began when a heavily pregnant tabby cat was spotted by volunteers from Puppy Kitty NYCity in a city park.

They realised that time was of the essence as she was ready to give birth.

They easily managed to trap the tabby and in less than a day she gave birth to five beautiful kittens!s

It was as if she had waited for the right people to come along and take her to a place that was warm and friendly where she would get all the care she needed once her kittens were born.

Her rescuers affectionately named her Mama Tart; she’s a loving mum that has even taken on an extra kitten who needed her care.

They named the babies after fruit – Kiwi, Mango, Watermelon, Lemon, Tangerine, and Guava. Collectively known as the “Fruit Kittens.”

All of the kittens are healthy, have great appetites and are doing really well

They are full of energy and love to chase each other around which includes lots of climbing up and down their favorite cat trees.

They also enjoy taking part in fashion shows because for Halloween they wore some very dashing outfits!

They do have a lot of magic – but now they need a kind heart to let them in.

If you would like adopt an animal in need, be a volunteer, or make a donation – you can find out more about Puppy Kitty NYCity here





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