New Home Comes With Cat Cooper Then A Mini Cooper Shows Up

TikTok is quickly becoming the new YouTube for our viral cat videos. You can scroll and scroll for hours and see tons content and hilarious videos. This particular TikTok video gained a lot of attention, and now millions are following the story of Rufus and Cooper.

New Home Comes with Cooper the Cat

Julia Davis moved from her home in Tuscaloosa to Birmingham, Alabama. As she was moving her things into her new home, she saw a beautiful white cat sitting on the porch of her new chicken coop. Using her already popular TikTok account, Julia took to social media to find the cuddly and friendly cat’s owner. Unfortunately, she says it turned out that the kitty was abandoned by whoever lived in the home before.

At the urge of her followers, Julia decided to keep the kitty. She then asked what she should name him. Her followers helped her come up with the name Cooper, or Coop for short. The name is a homage to where she found him in her new home. What a great housewarming gift!

“When I started taking care of him, I kind of fell head over heels in love with this guy,” Julia said.

Only a few days later after taking Cooper in, Julia saw another cat sitting on the roof of the chicken coop. This time, it was a beautiful black cat who looked in need of help.


She decided to take him in as well and name him Rufus, or Roof for short in honor of finding him on the chicken coop roof.

Although it was tense at first, Cooper and Rufus get along famously now. After Julia posted the two to TikTok, her social media skyrocketed. Now, her account has around 671K followers, and altogether her videos have around 27 million likes. Thousands were raised for Cooper and Rufus for their food and medical care. Julia’s TikTok account is now dedicated to Cooper and Rufus, with some videos being dubbed “Coop and Roof” updates.

As you can see, they also got some new toys.

Since finding them, Roof and Coop have many updates! Roof disappeared for a couple of days, worrying his poor fur mama but luckily he returned. Since then, both Roof and Coop are now fixed and microchipped. They also have made their way into the house instead of the chicken coop after getting more comfortable around Julia and familiar with her other cat, Finn.

The surprises didn’t do there though and soon after, two small kittens showed up looking almost exactly like Coop! She is not sure if the kittens are actually Coop’s but she has decided to take them in as well. The “Mini Coops” as fans call them, are officially named CJ and Sadie Marie.

CJ is almost a spitting image of Coop with fluffy white fur. And Sadie is a stunning gray kitten with cute little white booties. That makes five cats in the house!

The overwhelming interest and donations to help save the kitties has restored Davis’s faith in humanity.

“I honestly like to say these cats belong to all of us. Everyone who watches my videos has played a part in their care. It’s been a massive group effort that’s restored my faith in humanity,” Julia said. “These cats have a better life than they had before with the help of a community of online strangers. I think that’s really awesome.”

With the TikTok account now dedicated to the kitties, you can follow the mini Coops, Coop, and Roof here



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