Stray Cat Decides To Leave The Streets And Returns To The Woman That Helped Him

When a street cat decided he was ready to leave his old life behind he went back to the woman that had been kind to him.

Celine Crom, who is part of the organization Chatons Orphelins Montréal in Canada, spotted a tomcat that was regularly hanging around outside her home.

It was obvious that he was very hungry and was looking around for his next meal.

He always shied away when Celine tried to approach him so she left out some food and water every day to help him out.

She named him Luckyou, he was now a regular visitor and although she couldn’t get near him she noticed that he couldn’t close his mouth properly.

Luckyou was now coming to Celine’s every day for his meals.

She knew that he needed medical attention for his mouth so she decided to set up a humane trap near where she fed him and then take him to the vets where he would get the help he so badly needed.

“I put some treats in there, and on the same day, Luckyou walked in as if he was ready to leave the streets behind,” Celine shared.

Once at the vet you could see he was in a bad way. he was covered in filth and his coat was extremely matted.

The infection in his mouth was stopping him from eating properly and he must have been living in pain for quite some time. Dental surgery was needed to help with his recovery.

They estimated Luckyou to be about seven years old and he tested positive for FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus).

“It was no surprise for a tomcat living outside for many years. He also needed a dental surgery to help him recover,” explained the vet.

He found the whole experience rather terrifying as he was not used to human contact. But once he was on the road to recovery he began to soften to the people that were helping him.

“Everything went well. He hardly has any teeth left and his little tongue sticks out now which adds to his charm,” Celine told Love Meow. “Luckyou had all the knots and mats removed, and he is able to sleep soundly now.”

They found him a foster family and before long is timidness melted away and he started to come out of his shell. In fact he turned into a complete purr machine!

Watch the video to see his progress:

“He came out of his shell and made the cutest meows for attention. He stopped hissing and spitting and became more curious and calm.”

His foster family adore him and love spoiling him with loads of treats,

They explain that he is now very affectionate and his favorite things are food and attention, he has a loud purr and when he’s happy he sticks his tongue out (which is partly due to his lack of teeth.)

He has certainly come a long way since Celine helped him get off the streets and soon it will be time for him to look for his forever home.


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