Blind Stray Cat Regains His Sihjt And Surprises Rescuers With His Two Colored Beautiful Eyes

Having a cat is like having boundless joys in life. All human beings are different from each other, likewise, all four-legged babies are also not the same. They may differ in their capabilities, appearance, and behaviors. But, if you own one of them, you know how special they are and how much attention, love, and effort they require. If we talk about cats, some of them are born with a disability and some of them become disabled due to an accident, surgery, or disease. However, regardless of their disabilities, a cat always has a special place in our hearts. Owning these babies requires a bit of extra commitment and effort.

Furthermore, we see many strangers around us who love helping these special animals. Thanks to all these beings for helping these innocent creatures and they are a true inspiration. If you are a cat person, then we have gathered a story of a stray blind cat from Florida. The little kitty we are talking about is known as Cotton, who has beautiful and gorgeous eyes. The story revolves around how this little baby managed to surprise strangers with his beautiful eyes after surgery. Scroll down to have a glimpse of Cotton – a blind stray cat and see how adorable he looks.

Meet Cotton – a blind stray cat.

Joe, a private homeowner, found this little furry baby wandering blindly on the streets of Royal Palm Beach in Florida. Joe came outside and was surprised at what he saw. He stated: “Cotton came out of nowhere and started eating from the bowl of food he had for his cat” 

During a talk with Carmen Weinberg, founder of Animal Friends Project, he stated: Cotton seemed “very hungry, like if he had not eaten in days,”.

Joe was surprised after discovering that Cotton was suffering from a severe Mange – a severe redness, itching, and rash on the skin. Cotton’s eyes were terribly crusted and he was not able to see. Joe rushed to his residence and grabbed a cat carrier to place some food inside for the hungry kitty. Cotton was so hungry, that he finished the bowl in no time. 

Later on, Joe decided to share the post on Facebook and spread the word about Cotton. Thanks to Carmen Weinberg – founder of AFP (Animal Friends Project) who ultimately reached out to Joe. Carmen knew how to treat a cat suffering from mange because she had already dealt with similar cases.

Cotton was very dehydrated and malnourished!

The next morning, Carmen picked the little buddy and drove him to the vet. It turned out, that Cotton was suffering from severe mange. Cotton was extremely malnourished, dehydrated, and haggard. Nobody knows, for how long this pour soul was wandering in the town blindly as he was not able to open his eyes due to the disease.
Carmen stated: “He purred the whole time they were examining him! He received antibiotics, a dose of Revolution, and fluids and we went home. Fortunately, I had a spare bathroom where Cotton could stay. He was very skinny but fortunately, he ate well and was in good spirits. He must have sensed we were trying to help him and he loved to be touched.”

Cotton surprised everyone with his beautiful eyes! Aren’t they gorgeous?

Carmen said: “My husband Don, son Carlos and daughter Elisa, are used to dealing with cats with many illnesses and we knew that if we took some precautions, that we could still touch and love Cotton to help him heal.”

Crust on ears started to come off! Little baby started to heal.

They said: “We put Coconut oil to soothe his skin and gave him lots of water and canned food to keep him hydrated. Cotton stayed hunched over for days and days and seemed very uncomfortable. It was hard seeing him in that condition, knowing only time would heal him. Little by little he started to gain weight. It was a nice surprise to see that he had one blue eye and one yellow eye. His hair started to grow again.”

Don’t we just love animals with odd eyes!?

Cotton loves to seek attention!

“Cotton is very vocal and he would make noise to let us know that he wanted attention. He loves people and searches for attention. He wants to be where you are.”

Cotton regained his vision and that’s the best thing ever!

Just chillin’!

Carmen Weinberg is on a mission to find a cat with “likes to be wherever you are”. If you know any, then do let us know in the comment section below. Also, what did you think of this cute story? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments section.



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